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Pure Pearl Elegant Kundan Deep Red Chooda

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Why You'll Love Our Choora:

Imagine yourself on the morning of your wedding day surrounded by the joy and anticipation of starting a chapter, in your life. Amidst the preparations, your focus shifts to the Pearl Chooda Set offered by Chotteylal & Sons.
Experience the elegance of our Pure Pearl Chooda, meticulously crafted with pearl shells. Recognized as the smoothest and lightest choora globally these beautiful pieces have been enchanting brides since 1950 at Chotteylal & Sons. Whether referred to as Hathi Daant ka chooda, Seep Chooda, or simply Pure Chooda they are completely hypoallergenic. Designed for comfort without causing any skin irritations. Each bangle is handmade and polished by hand to ensure a finish that comes with a 6-month guarantee.

A Pair of the Best Premium choora

A pair of 26 bangles for each hand
The set for each hand contains:
    1. 16 Dark Red Pure Pearl bangles,
    2. 05 Pure Pearl Dot bangles,
    3. 04 golden shimmer bangles, and
    4. 02 Round-shaped kundan bangles, adding a touch of glamour to your bridal look.

Other details :

  • Available in 2 designs:  We have our choora available, in two designs to match your taste.
  • Shagun Number Sets: Our choora sets are specially crafted with numbers in mind bringing blessings and prosperity to the newlyweds. Other types of bangles like Shimmer, Diamond, Kundan, etc. are not included in the count.
  • Custom-Made Orders: Each chooda is a handcrafted masterpiece that takes 15 to 20 days to create. For orders, you can contact us at 96677 22544.
  • Perfect Length:  Our choodas are designed with a length of 8.5 9.5 CM ensuring a graceful fit for every bride.
  • Size Customization: We offer sizes ranging from 2.2 to 2.10 for a fit. If you need a custom size just get in touch with us. We'll make it happen for you.
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