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Chottey Lal & Sons

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 7,100.00
Color :
Dull Gold
Rs. 7,100.00

Enchanting and elegant, the Customisable Alia Bhatt Style Kaleera will add a timeless touch of sophistication to your look. This lightweight beauty has small domes and dragonfly motifs for an eye-catching finish. Its adjustable bangle allows for a tight fit – perfect for traditional looks. Moreover, the ghungroos attached to the bottom will have you looking graceful in every move. For those who want that extra something special, you can customize your wardrobe addition with silver or oxidised finishes at an additional cost. Or if you prefer more personality, consider our unique custom made details like sacred symbols - we’ll incorporate anything close to your heart! And not to worry - despite its intricate design this piece remains lightweight and comfortable all day long. Discover stylish beauty with the Customisable Alia Bhatt Style Kaleera today!

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