About Us – Chotteylal & sons

Who are we?

Shree Chotteylal Khandelwal, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from Nandrampur Bass, Haryana, India, laid the foundation of Chotteylal and Sons in 1950. Initially, Shree Chotteylal started the company and later his sons joined him, transforming it into a collaborative effort. Established in Karol Bagh, New Delhi, India, our store began as a family venture and has grown into a thriving business, currently being run by the third generation. We take pride in being a complete Wedding Store, a one-stop shop, for all bride and groom accessories. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail has garnered global recognition as well as over one million happy clients.

Our Expertise

We’re the masters of Chooda and Kaleera, two iconic accessories that hold immense significance in Indian weddings. Our expertise lies in creating exquisitely crafted designs. What Sets Our Chooda bangles apart? Our Chooda bangles are individually handcrafted with real pearl shells, which makes them the world's smoothest, purest, and lightest Chooda sets. Traditionally, an Indian bride wears a Chooda Set on the day of her wedding and continues to adorn it for a period of 45 days to 1 year. This might sound daunting but our Chooda sets are made to be comfortably worn keeping this tradition in mind. What's special about our globally loved Kaleeras? The way we have seamlessly integrated designs and manufacturing is rare in our field of work. All our Kaliras are 100% customizable and can be personalized to reflect family heritage and love stories.

Our Vision

We’re world-renowned for our Chooda and Kaleera and we have been fortunate to attain this with our retail presence in Delhi NCR, India. We offer an elaborate collection of all bride & groom accessories, ceremonial needs, wedding favors and gift hampers comprising, silver coins, silver jewelry and more! With thousands of options, we strive religiously to maintain exceptionally aesthetic and highest-quality products. Our vision is to create the most seamless model of wedding shopping experience for our huge array of Indian-origin clients residing worldwide with bespoke luxury and finesse.


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