Bridal Kaleera with Pearl Tassels – Chotteylal & sons

Bridal Kaleera with Pearl Tassels

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 7,700.00
Color :
Rose Gold
Rs. 7,700.00

Make your bridal moments even more memorable with this gorgeous Bridal Kaleera in golden colour! Combining traditional design elements and modern shapes, this kaleera will show off your unique style. It comes in a lightweight package that's easy to hold and carry around – perfect for the most special days of your life. When you take a closer look at this piece, you'll find openable bangle attachments conforming to all sizes, as well as pretty domes that add some sparkle. Go ahead and customize it further by adding a hashtag, name, or date at the bottom end for an extra fee. Choose between silver or antique look also for an additional price. Finally, don't forget about the pearl tassels.

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