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Maroon Velvet Chooda Box

Rs. 2,450.00
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Rs. 2,450.00
our Velvet Bridal Bangle Box custom made by artisans who have put their heart and soul into every detail. Each piece is a testament, to the art of hand embroidery showcasing Zari work. You'll be delighted to find this elegant creation available in two shades; a timeless red and a rich maroon adding a touch of luxury to your possessions.

This versatile box serves purposes making it an essential addition to any trousseau or gift collection. Whether you want to safeguard your chura, bangles or kalira in style this box ensures they are kept safe and sound. Moreover it is equally suitable for preserving gold and diamond bangles while elevating the experience of your shower, baby shower or any gifting occasion.

What makes our chooda box truly unique is its adaptability. The same design can be seamlessly tailored for your jewelry collection, kalira ornaments, sarees or lehengas. Creating an aesthetically pleasing ensemble, for your day. Our meticulous manufacturing process guarantees precision and attention to detail that brings your vision to life.

Additionally the interior of the box has been thoughtfully designed with a rod that allows you the flexibility to arrange and store items according to your preference. This considerate feature enhances the functionality of the box while ensuring it becomes a keepsake that will hold memories for years to come.
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