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Sada Saubhagyawati Flower Maroon Chooda Cover

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 950.00
Rs. 950.00

Introducing a piece of artistry this chooda cover fabric showcases a collection of intricate flower patterns, on both sides. The careful craftsmanship is further enhanced with lace accents resulting in a design. What sets this cover apart is the inclusion of the phrase "Sada Saubhagyawati bhav " elegantly written in Hindi script adding a touch of richness to the ensemble.

For brides to be this cover serves not a purpose but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the chooda ceremony. Its visual charm is complemented by its functionality featuring fittings on both ends to ensure a fit. Made from high quality satin fabric it exudes luxury and opulence.

Beyond its advantages this chooda cover offers an alternative, to the customary practice of using a rumal or handkerchief. Its graceful presence enhances not the bridal look but also ensures that the chooda remains an object of admiration. Embrace this accessory. Cherish the memories it will help create on your special day.

Colour - Maroon
Motif- Embrodiered flower motifs all over cover
Material - Satin
Lace- Embrodiered Sada Saubhagyavati Bhav lace
Shipping - 4-5 days
Package Contents - 1 pair of Maroon chooda cover
With Elastic on both ends for ease of wear

Sada Saubhagyawati Flower Maroon Chooda Cover
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