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Golden Antique Dome & Pearl Bridal Kaleera

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 5,100.00 Rs. 4,599.00
Rs. 4,599.00

Are you a bride looking for something delicately stunning and mesmerizing that adds to your beauty? Look no further; we have the perfect solution for you. Introducing our Hotselling Modern Kaleera! This beautiful kalira is designed with modern sensibilities, featuring an exclusive design incorporating a big dome characterised with stones and pearls as well as 3 smaller domes also adorned with stones. What’s more, long pearl strings are suspended from each small dome, providing a captivating look that will enlighten your wedding day attire. What sets this modern kalera apart from the rest is its lightness and portability; made using high-quality materials and cutting-edge craftsmanship, this kaleera offers both the look and feel of luxurious excellence in an easy-to-carry form. Finally, brides can add bangles to their order at an additional cost if they wish to achieve extra volume when wearing the kalira. Elements like Hashtag, date, name ,photo frame, can be added in the kalira, charges will be extra. Transform your wedding day outfit into something extraordinary with Hotselling Modern Kalera - you won’t be disappointed. 

charges will be extra

Golden Antique Dome & Pearl Bridal Kaleera
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