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Golden Leaf Design Ceremonial Kaleera

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 175.00
Combo :
Rs. 175.00

Lovely brides, allow us to play a role in your beautifully adorned and joyous wedding! Our traditional golden kaleera is the perfect accessory to enrich your bridal look and take it to another level. Lightweight yet elegant, each kaleera has plain domes with leaves hangings that give a subtle yet mesmerizing effect as they twinkle and sway on your arms. Known as 'jhadnewala kaleeras', these have their own interesting history. In custom, these are believed to bring luck and prosperity for bridesmaids, creating an extra special occasion for everyone involved - the bride included! Generally purchased in sets of ten so all bridesmaids can partake in this magically enchanting ritual of tying one onto the bride for her special day. Not only can they be used by those closest to you at your wedding ceremony but also gifted as keepsakes to remember your special day by your friends or families who attend from far and wide. Say no more…our traditional golden kaleera with plain domes are here for you – start creating beautiful memories today by indulging yourself with our irresistible offer!

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