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Minimal Gem Stone Rani Pink Chooda Cover

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 325.00
Rs. 325.00

Introducing the cover cloth, for the Bridal Red chura a work of artistry. Each piece is adorned with hand embroidery that adds an graceful touch. The attention to detail goes beyond that; it features an embellishment of Swarovski crystals that sparkle with every movement making it a radiant accessory for any bride.

To enhance its allure delicate lace accents have been thoughtfully incorporated, providing a finishing touch that complements the aesthetic. When worn this chooda cover transforms the bride emanating a captivating charm that's sure to be captured in photographs. Becoming a cherished keepsake of such a special day.

This cover not serves as an accessory but also offers practicality. It presents an alternative to the practice of tying a rumal or handkerchief on the chooda. The considerate design includes elastic on both sides ensuring an comfortable fit. Crafted from top quality satin and raw silk materials this chooda cover exudes luxury and opulence. Making it an ideal accompaniment to your bridal ensemble. Elevate your chooda ceremony with this piece that harmoniously blends tradition, with elegance.

Colour - Rani Pink
Material - Satin
Lace - Golden lace
Shipping - 4-5 days
Package Contents - 1 pair of Rani pink chooda cover
With Elastic on both ends for ease of wear

Minimal Gem Stone Rani Pink Chooda Cover
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