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Sada Saubhagyavati Vermillion Red Chooda Cover

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 950.00
Rs. 950.00

Introducing the cover cloth for the Bridal chura a true work of art crafted with love and attention to detail. This beautiful piece showcases lace details and delicate hand embroidery adding a touch, to your bridal ensemble. The deep red color symbolizes auspiciousness and marital bliss making it the perfect addition to your chooda ceremony.
Say goodbye to the days of struggling with rumals or handkerchiefs as this cover offers an hassle free solution. The phrase "Sada Saubhagyawati Bhav " beautifully written in Hindi further enhances its charm. Adorned with laces this cover exudes timeless grace that perfectly complements your chooda.
Made from quality raw silk this chooda cover not only looks luxurious but also ensures durability. For those who desire a custom fit we provide the option to tailor it specifically for your chooda with dori and tassels for an added touch of sophistication. Embrace the radiance of your chooda ceremony, with this accessory knowing that it will not create a stunning visual but also capture a lasting memory in your wedding photos.

Colour - Deep Red
Material - Taffeta
Lace - Sada Saubhagyavati Bhav Golden Lace. A broad golden lace in sequins.
Shipping - 4-5 days
Package Contents - 1 pair of deep red chooda cover
With Thread on both ends for ease of wear
Customisations -Name, hashtag or date can be customised in centre at extra cost

Sada Saubhagyavati Vermillion Red Chooda Cover
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