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Pure Pearl Sparkling Diamond Red Chooda

Rs. 24,500.00
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Rs. 24,500.00
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Why You'll Love Our Bridal Chooda

Every bride dreams of finding the perfect chooda and Chotteylal and Sons truly understand the significance of this moment. Our exquisite Red Pure Pearl chooda is a symbol of grace and heritage meticulously crafted with care and precision.
With a history spanning more than seven decades, these stunning red bridal bangles hold a special place by offering brides an elegant alternative, to the traditional Haathi Daant ka Chura. What makes our bridal chooda Sets unique? Each piece is lovingly handcrafted using pearl shells, ensuring beauty and unmatched quality for a comfortable, lightweight, and refined fit. Every bangle is expertly shaped by hand to provide a fit that complements your wrist flawlessly.

A pair of the best premium chooda:

A pair of 21 bangles for both hands
- Set for each hand contains:
   - 11 Red Pure Pearl Bangles for vibrancy and tradition
   - 02 Cubic Zirconia Round Shape Stone Bangles for a touch of sparkle
   - 04 Pure Dot Pearl Bangles for classic elegance
   - 04 Silver Shimmer Bangles for added glamour

Other details :

1. Shagun number: Our chooda set follows the Shagun numbers like 11, 15, 21 25, 31, and more for blessing and prosperity.
2. Shipping: Each bridal chooda set is meticulously handmade with an eye for detail taking 15-20 days to ensure perfection. If you need delivery feel free to reach out to us at 96677 22544.
3. Chooda Length: our chuda set comes with a perfect fit length of 5.5 to 6.5 cm
4. Custom Size: Our range of Choodas comes in sizes from 2.2 to 2.10 providing options for every bride to find the fit, for her wrist.

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