Pearl Lace & Tassels Pink Chooda Cover – Chotteylal & sons

Pearl Lace & Tassels Pink Chooda Cover

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 1,250.00
Rs. 1,250.00

Experience the elegance, with the Bridal Pink Pariniti Chopra chura cover. This cover is meticulously crafted from satin fabric radiating opulence. The intricate pearl lacework, carefully applied by artisans adds a touch of beauty. It is further embellished with a string adorned with pearl beads ensuring a secure and snug fit.

Each cover is a labor of love featuring hand embroidery that adds an intimate touch. For a memory customize it with a hashtag and date making it a special keepsake of your wedding day. The golden laces that adorn it bring splendor and enhance its allure.

Tailored to perfection this chooda cover can be matched to the brides outfit in any desired color ensuring an ensemble. Not does it enhance the chooda ceremony. Also creates stunning photo opportunities that capture the essence of this beloved tradition.

As an alternative to the rumal or handkerchief it offers an contemporary option. With ends, on both sides it guarantees the fit while showcasing the chooda in all its glory. Made from high quality satin fabric it promises to preserve the chooda for years to come as a timeless memento of your day.

Colour - Baby pink
Material - Premium Satin
Lace - Pearl lace
Shipping - 4-5 days
Package Contents - 1 pair of Baby pink chooda cover
With Thread & elastic one on each end for ease of wear

Pearl Lace & Tassels Pink Chooda Cover
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