Yami Gautam Chooda Kaleera – Chotteylal & sons

Yami Gautam Chooda Kaleera

Chotteylal & sons
CHD200116 & KLR100386
Rs. 22,200.00
Size :
Rs. 22,200.00

Color- Maroon

Set Of 21 Bangles

1. 17 pcs Maroon & Maroon Bangles

2. 14 pcs white simeer Bangles

3. 2 pcs Big pearl bangles

4. Floral shaped diamond bangles

Indo Western Kaleera with Conch Shells is just what you need

This unique piece combines classic Indian style with modern design to give a fresh, unforgettable look.

The exterior of these necklaces feature two big dome-like cage designs with shells and ghungroo decor adorning its edges and a long chain below them filled with butterflies.

A mix of different sizes of golden domes and paan shape hangings hang off the chain to make sure every part this Kaleera catches your eye

It’s not complete without those conch shells hanging off chains to symbolize prosperity and good luck for your wedding day.

You can even customize this kaleera by adding bangles and frames, or any other Hashtags, dates, names or photos

This mix of modern and traditional designs will be sure to turn heads—let everyone know that they’re looking at a unique bride who knows how to combine styles

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