Red Chooda Cover with Swarowski Crystals-CHC100113

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 425.00
Rs. 425.00

A chooda ceremony requires the chooda to be covered and remained hidden fom the bride till the day of her wedding. 

We at Chotteylal Sons provide our brides with the most luscious and attractive covers to go along with their outfits.

This one is a beautiful bridal red chooda cover with golden stones for the brides who love simplicity. 

1 package contains - 1 pair of chooda cover

- an alternate to your regular white cloth.
- Perfect for chooda ceremony
- Easy to wear overnight with its soft fabric feel
- Storage friendly to keep your chooda forever
- Standardised size to fit all hands and chooda sizes

Need some add ons to give it that personalised feel? We have you covered (literally with our chooda covers, lol) - reach us on 96677 22544.

Manufacturer: Chotteylal and Sons Pvt Ltd

Red Chooda Cover with Swarowski Crystals-CHC100113
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