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Alia Bhatt Inspired Floral Butterfly Bridal Kaleera

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Rs. 7,700.00
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Rs. 8,700.00

Why You'll Love Our Alia Bhatt Kaleera

Your dream to attain that perfect Bollywood-style bridal accessory is no longer just a dream. Chotteylal and Sons introduce the Alia Bhatt style kaleera, inspired by the breathtaking bridal adornments of Bollywood's very own Alia Bhatt. It's not just an accessory; it's a symbol of sophistication and grace, meticulously crafted to embody the enduring charm synonymous with Alia Bhatt herself.

What makes our Bollywood style kaleeras truly special:
1. Adjustable Bracelets: Designed to suit any wrist size ensuring an confident fit, for every bride, embellished with golden ghungroo bells.
2. Personalization Choices: Tailor your wedding Kaleera with customized charms like photo pendants, initials or meaningful symbols that reflect your love story adding a personal and heartfelt element. Can be made in silver or oxidized color choices at a surcharge.
3. Tassel Accents: Decorated with long chains, small bells and intricate flower shaped patterns, upside down flower motifs, makes this a fresh and unique design. Perfect for radiating sophistication and allure.
4. Butterfly Detailing: Drawing inspiration from Bollywood style kaliras our wedding kaleera bangles showcase beautiful butterflies, at the ends adding a touch of playfulness and enchantment.

Why Choose Chotteylal and Sons:
When it comes to your kaleera, perfection is a must. Chotteylal and Sons have been delivering excellence since 1950 dedicated to top notch quality and craftsmanship. Brides, from around the globe trust our Wedding kaleeras, for their timeless charm and exquisite beauty adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your day.

1. Silver Kaleera Design with silver ghungroo on bangle
2. Silver Flower Strings on Kaleera
3. Customised with Butterfly Motifs at the bottom of the kaleera
4. Hashtag, date, name , photo frame, anything can be added in the kaleera, customisation charges will be extra 
5. Medium Length Kaleera

Alia Bhatt Inspired Floral Butterfly Bridal Kaleera
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