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Oxidise modern Design Kaleera

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 6,800.00
Introducing our Kaleera with pearls a traditional accessory that symbolizes grace and elegance. Known by names, like Kalira, Kaleere or Kalire these enchanting pieces hold cultural significance and are treasured for their meticulously crafted design. Made from high quality materials our Kaleera exudes timeless beauty. Is adorned with embellishments. The intricate patterns and filigree work pay tribute to the heritage and craftsmanship of the region. Whether you're a bride looking for the complement to your wedding attire or a guest wanting to embrace the ambiance our Kaleera is a must have addition. The exquisite details and fine craftsmanship will. Make a statement as you walk down the aisle or grace the dance floor.
Oxidise modern Design Kaleera
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