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Maroon velvet kaleera box

Chotteylal & Sons
Rs. 3,850.00
Rs. 3,850.00

Introducing our Maroon Velvet Kaleera Box, a symbol of luxury and craftsmanship. This handcrafted piece showcases Zari work embellishing the rich maroon velvet with stunning floral and leaf patterns. This versatile creation serves as a Chooda Box, bridal bangle box or a safe place, for your cherished Kaliras, gold and diamond bangles. It's an addition to your trousseau, bridal shower, baby shower or as an elegant gift.
We can also customize the design for jewelry and kaliras to ensure a coordinated and cohesive bridal ensemble. Made in house with attention to detail we take pride in delivering pieces that meet the quality standards.
Moreover this box offers flexibility to store items alongside your bangles. Elevate your experience with our Maroon Velvet Kaleera Box – blending tradition, with elegance – reflecting your impeccable taste.

Can Be Used As

Cosmetics Box

Jewellery Box

Chooda Box

Kaleera Box

Gaddi Box

Gift Box

Maroon velvet kaleera box
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