999 Father's day Silver Coin Gift Pack 10 Grams – Chotteylal & sons
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999 Father's day Silver Coin Gift Pack 10 Grams

Chotteylal & Sons
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Discover the craftsmanship of our designed silver coins boasting an impressive purity level of 99.9% that embodies authenticity and long lasting value. What sets our coins apart is their unique design making them an unparalleled addition, to any collection and highly coveted.

Once you receive your coin savor its charm presented in a captivating sealed blister card package that instantly captures attention. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity it ensures an ownership experience.

Handcrafted by the Chotteylal and Sons a trusted name celebrated for their commitment to quality and artistry our coins guarantee precise weight and absolute purity. Adhering to standards alleviates any concerns about weight variations or impurities preserving the enduring value of your investment.

Perfect for occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, baby showers, graduations or sentimental moments; our silver coins make elegant gifts. They bring sophistication to ceremonies business launches while serving as expressions of love and companionship. Product details - Colour- Silver colour Weight- 10 gram Fathers day coin Packaging -Beautiful hand-made paper box providing a luxurious and memorable Design - Fathers day coin

999 Father's day Silver Coin Gift Pack 10 Grams
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