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Customised Velvet Chooda Box

Rs. 2,850.00
Rs. 2,850.00
Introducing our Velvet Bridal Bangle Box meticulously crafted by hand and adorned with Zari Work. It comes in a variety of colors including the timeless red and majestic maroon. We even offer the option to customize it to any shade you prefer.

This versatile box serves purposes. It can be used as a Chura Box, a Bangle Box or a charming Kalira Box. Not that it is perfect, for storing your beloved Gold and Diamond Bangles making it a wonderful addition to your trousseau or a thoughtful gift for bridal and baby showers.

What makes our product truly special is its personalization feature. Whether you want your name, a hashtag or significant dates incorporated into the design we can seamlessly make it happen. This personal touch adds a layer of sentiment to this exceptional piece.

Moreover our in house manufacturing ensures a design process that allows for customization while reflecting the immense care and attention put into creating this truly unique item.

Inside the box you'll find a rod that offers flexibility, for storage. This means you can use it not for your chooda or bangles but to keep other precious items safe and well organized.
Furthermore apart, from the maroon version this bangle or chooda box showcases leaf patterns that are intricately embroidered by hand using zari work. The meticulous craftsmanship and intricate design elements enhance the charm and appeal of this piece even further.
Customised Velvet Chooda Box
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