Kangana / Kangna / Gaaney are used during performing wedding rituals and Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Maiyan ceremony. These come in various thread colours adorned with pearl balls/trinkets/ decorative cubes/Gota/Thread balls. Ends are finished with tassels, trinkets ghungroo and conical shells in Gold

Bride & Groom, sisters brothers family and friends also tie these sacred threads around their wrists to show their active participation in the wedding rituals and showering their well wishes to the new couple to be.

Elderly people suggests it symbolises deep love and solidarity between Bride/Groom and their friends. These are blessed with vedic chants by the priest (Pandit Ji) to keep away any form of negativity & evilness from you hence it is adorn by all the family members.

Today it is considered more as a style accessory by the youngsters since it is decorated with several elements which offers both traditional and trendy look to your wrist.  

It is also used as a wedding giveaway who could not attend and participate in wedding rituals. 

At Chottey Lal & Sons, a wide variety of these are available both in traditional as well as trending styles. If needed in bulk we also undertake wholesale orders.