Gaana for wedding ritual.

A hand crafted wrist band made of red/yellow threads with multiple beads. Gaana is a part of wedding ritual to be weared by Groom in right hand wrist and bride in left hand wrist said to be auspicious for strong bonding.

On the day of the wedding, the bride and the groom, at the their respective places  have to tie Ghana or sacred thread on their right hand wrist under the vedic chants performed by the priest, a holy ceremony attended by close family members.

It is made from a soft cotton red thread consist of small iron knife (chaaku), turmeric sticks, betel nuts (supari) and shells (kaudis).

It is a symbol of protection, the vedic chants is said to carry the energy and purity by gods to keep away all the bad and the evils that may create difficulties in uniting of the couple.

A band made of black threads is tied in the left feet of the Groom is also a part of the wedding ritual to protect them from bad omen.